Lost Memories of School Bus

  Avinash P

August 3' 2017

A loud buzzer sounded early in the morning and then your Mom turns up to you adding a loud voice to it “Beta Jaldi Kar Bus Aagayi”. Though you trust the Driver Uncle than your schedule, that he’ll wait until you show up. Well he is not just a Driver Uncle, he is the one who will be spending long 7 – 8 hrs outside your school in that bus. He may be father to someone but he is being given the responsibility to drive you safely to school and back to home. Many times, we just ignore them, but you feel excited to see him when there is “Bada Khana” and the same person is driving the Stallion to Pick your family to the occasion and then you feel like a BOSS.

Well how can you forget about the “Sahayak Uncle” who sacrifice his seat to adjust two of your friends. And holds the railing all through the trip. The scene to the public was like high profile prisoners were being taken. Also, he is the guy who wishes you “Good Luck” on the day of exam, you know he is holding you as a guardian. And he is the only who can nail the school authority in defense of you.


The next moment when you reach the school and step down through the Stallion, Sahayak Uncle reminds you that the bus will be halting next to that tree or most probable you’ll be playing Hide and Seek searching your bus. Though some of you guys try the trick of all time, waiting for long when all other buses are waved off to their respective Battalions and the remaining bus will be yours. Trust me the Uncle won’t drive off until the head count is done. Even if you took half-day and went with your Dad, Sahayak Uncle will be searching for you and reaches to school authority where he comes to know about your early departure. But next day is like saving eyes from the Uncle, may be at very next moment he may ask you why you didn’t inform them for the same. But they never demands anything from us, except for the punctuality in the morning, because your action will lead them to be answerable to the School Authorities.


Remember those days when it uses to rain and then the tarpaulin used to leak making you wet, though you were smart enough to beat the drops of water but the very next day you would see a new tarpaulin shinning on your bus. How can we forget the fight for driver’s cabin. The fondness of the driver’s cabin was far better than a Luxury Car. The moment you see that the Driver for today come out to be your Dad’s best friend and then you are once again the BOSS for the day. Though it was quite hot in there but when you look out of the window and see down to check on Public. That’s the feeling others can’t get.

Now when you drive your own vehicle and see a Army School Bus, the first thought that struck your mind is “Once I was there like those kids and I wish to get those memories back again”

- Dedicated to All Driver and Sahayak Uncle